Delta Composite Structures, LLC (Delta) is a leading supplier of fiberglass reinforced plastics. Products include molded and pultruded grating, handrail systems, platforms, ladders, structural members, and custom products for numerous industries. Delta’s in-house engineering, drafting, estimating, and customer service teams ensure a solution to any fiberglass structural challenge.


    ▪ Delta fiberglass products offer a superb chemical resistance to a variety of acids and caustics. Our products are offered in an array of corrosion resistant resins for any environment and will not decay like wood or rust like metal.


    ▪ The weight savings of fiberglass over steel is significant. For example, our DeltaGrate Molded Grating weighs 1/3 the weight of steel grating, and our DeltaSpan Pultruded Grating provides weight savings of 50% - 75%. Lighter weight results in easier installations and lower installation costs.

  • High Strength Compression IMPACT RESISTANT

    ▪ Our manufacturing process uses a proprietary method that enables a higher percentage of glass rovings, giving the product more stiffness with a very High Strength Compression to weight ratio, while also providing much more impact resistance than steel.

Delta’s professional team of engineers, designers, project managers, and sales personnel are available to provide solutions for unique fiberglass needs.

Our manufacturing facility has achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification through quality management and system elements. Delta products are independently tested by outside agencies in accordance to the testing methods set forth by the FGMC (Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council), resulting in first-class deflection tables.

  • Molded Grating
  • Pultruded Grating
  • Structural Shapes
  • Handrail Systems
  • DeltaGrate
  • DeltaLadder
  • DeltaSpan
  • Stair Solutions
  • Fiberglass Plate
  • Work Platforms
  • Custom Products
  • Accessories
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    Chris M., Baily Offshore Supplies
  • "High quality materials and the knowledgeable staff to make it happen! Exceptional service!"

    David G., Storage Tank Services
  • "Delta Composite Structures is professional, friendly, and best of all experienced! Their team of professionals a great to work with. Thank you! "

    Harvey D., Gulf Consulting


Delta’s products are providing solutions to industries and municipalities where corrosion resistance, weight reduction, maintenance reduction, ease of installation, safety, ergonomics, and long service life are of paramount importance. The following are examples of industries and applications of our products:

  • Offshore Drilling & Production Facilities

    As wellhead access platforms around the wells & vessels, stair towers, grating systems, electrical cable trays and mudmats.

  • Petrochemical Plants & Refineries

    As walkways and platforms around vessels and equipment, stair towers, and trench grating.

  • Cooling Towers

    Access walkways to towers and de-misters

  • Pulp & Paper Mills

    As walkways & catwalks in and around their waste water plants, including bleaching and washing areas.

  • Metal Plating & Mining Facilities

    As platforms in the processing areas, catwalks, stair towers, and storage areas.

  • Commercial Warehouses

    As additional storage areas and mezzanines

  • Food & Beverage Processing Plants

    As grating systems and platforms in and around the wash-down areas, access platforms, and storage areas.

  • Waterwaste Facilities

    For waterworks and catwalks in and around clarifiers, settling basins, and platforms used as storage areas.

  • Waterpark & Recreational

    Facilities as trench grating in and around pools, structural systems for the flowing streams.



Delta engineering and drafting capabilities are unsurpassed in the structural fiberglass industry. We have developed a 3-dimensional, structural finite-element analysis computer design program, incorporating the industry-accepted fiberglass allowable stress design formulas. Delta's structural engineers can perform 3-D structural analysis of any fiberglass structure, steel structure, or concrete structure. This structural design program performs stress and deflection calculations, plots of deflections, forces, stresses, reactions, etc., as well as resizing over-stressed fiberglass members. Delta is committed to producing the most optimum structural design for all of its engineered systems.


  • How Safe and Ergonomic are the products?

    Delta Fiberglass products offer essential benefits in providing a safe work environment, some of which include the lightweight factor that reduces the risk of strain or injury during installation, while the slip resistance feature helps to prevent falls.

  • Low Cost with Great Return on Investment

    Lighter weight results in less shipping costs and less manpower. In addition, durability, chemical resistance, and reduced maintenance are just some of the factors that will provide savings through the long-life of Delta fiberglass products.

  • How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

    With resin and pigment blended throughout our fiberglass products, you will never need to coat or paint the product. Coupled with our corrosion resistant attachment system, Delta provides maintenance-free walkway systems.

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