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Industries Using Fiberglass Grating

Grating Legs

Our DeltaGrate Grating Legs are used to elevate DeltaGrate High Strength Compression Molded Grating without the need for extensive structural framing support. They are recommended for applications where the elevated flooring is not subjected to wind or other environmental lateral loads. Delta’s grating legs are easy to install and offers a cost effective way to raise the flooring to provide access to meters, gauges, valves, or other items routinely requiring access. Available in single head and double head fittings, and fixed or adjustable height legs, DeltaGrate Grating Legs can raise your flooring from 2” to 60”.


Delta Composite Structures, LLC (Delta) is a leading supplier of fiberglass reinforced plastics. Products include molded and pultruded grating, handrail systems, platforms, ladders, structural members, and custom products for numerous industries. Delta’s in-house engineering, drafting, estimating, and customer service teams ensure a solution to any fiberglass structural challenge.


  • How Safe and Ergonomic are the products?

    Delta Fiberglass products offer essential benefits in providing a safe work environment, some of which include the lightweight factor that reduces the risk of strain or injury during installation, while the slip resistance feature helps to prevent falls.

  • Low Cost with Great Return on Investment

    Lighter weight results in less shipping costs and less manpower. In addition, durability, chemical resistance, and reduced maintenance are just some of the factors that will provide savings through the long-life of Delta fiberglass products.

  • How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

    With resin and pigment blended throughout our fiberglass products, you will never need to coat or paint the product. Coupled with our corrosion resistant attachment system, Delta provides maintenance-free walkway systems.

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