DeltaDeck Flooring System

DeltaDeck pultruded FRP floor panels combine the ease of installation, durability, and a long, maintenance-free life for industrial and commercial applications. DeltaDeck is three times faster to install than conventional flooring, due to its design of sections easily snapping together. Not only is the flooring comfortable to walk on, it includes a slip-resistant, silica sand grit surface. As an option, DeltaDeck is also available in an ADA compliant vented surface.

Additional information, benefits and features:

Chemical Resistance DeltaSpan Pultruded Gratings offer superb chemical resistance to variety of acids and caustics. DeltaSpan is offered in an array of corrosion resistant resins designed for any environment, from light or moderately corrosive environments to extremely corrosive applications.
DeltaSpan is offered in either premium isophthalic polyester, vinyl ester, or phenolic resins.
Lightweight DeltaSpan Pultruded Gratings weigh much less than comparable steel gratings -- as much as 50% - 75% weight savings can be realized depending on the bearing bar configuration. For weight sensitive structures, such as a tension-leg platform (TLP) for an offshore deepwater facility, the use of DeltaSpan pultruded grating offers significant weight savings, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project.
Ultra-violet Resistance All DeltaSpan Pultruded Gratings are manufactured with resins containing UV inhibitors. UV resistance is enhanced with the use of a synthetic surfacing veil, creating a "resin-rich" surface, and further strengthening DeltaSpan’s resistance to ultra-violet attack. For optimum UV resistance, DeltaSpan can be coated for custom orders. Low Maintenance/Maintenance Free With resin and pigment blended throughout DeltaSpan Pultruded Grating, you never need to coat or paint the product---it simply does not rust. Coupled with our 316 stainless steel attachment systems, DeltaSpan offers "maintenance-free" walkway systems. You install it and forget about it!
Fire Retardancy All DeltaSpan Pultruded Gratings are designed to exhibit a flame spread rating of 25 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test, comparable to UL 723, ANSI/NFPA No. 255 and UBC No. 8-1, and meet the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-685. A variety of resins are available offering an array of flame spread ratings and smoke densities, from as low as a flame spread of 4 and smoke density of 1 with our U.S. Coast Guard phenolic grating, DeltaSpan CG. Non-Skid and Safety All DeltaSpan Pultruded Gratings are equipped with a durable and permanent gritted surface on the topside of all bearing bars, thus providing superior slip resistance as compared to traditional steel grated walking surfaces.
Thermally and Electrically Non-Conductivity DeltaSpan is both thermally and electrically non-conductive, two features that make it a desirable product in many applications such as those involving electrical and fire hazards. The thermal non-conductivity feature of DeltaSpan protects individuals from the heat radiation that occurs on traditional steel grating during fires---firefighters can get, and stay closer to the fire source for longer periods of time.  


Delta Composite Structures, LLC (Delta) is a leading supplier of fiberglass reinforced plastics. Products include molded and pultruded grating, handrail systems, platforms, ladders, structural members, and custom products for numerous industries. Delta’s in-house engineering, drafting, estimating, and customer service teams ensure a solution to any fiberglass structural challenge.


  • How Safe and Ergonomic are the products?

    Delta Fiberglass products offer essential benefits in providing a safe work environment, some of which include the lightweight factor that reduces the risk of strain or injury during installation, while the slip resistance feature helps to prevent falls.

  • Low Cost with Great Return on Investment

    Lighter weight results in less shipping costs and less manpower. In addition, durability, chemical resistance, and reduced maintenance are just some of the factors that will provide savings through the long-life of Delta fiberglass products.

  • How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

    With resin and pigment blended throughout our fiberglass products, you will never need to coat or paint the product. Coupled with our corrosion resistant attachment system, Delta provides maintenance-free walkway systems.

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